Dachele Dycus, MS

The transition from teen to adult can be a bumpy road. Is your child’s mental health making that road feel unbearable? There are times when all a child needs is their parent’s love and times when the support from a member of the village makes all the difference in the world. Dachele is proud to be a part of the solution as your young adult moves into the next chapter of their life.

The young adult years bring so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. While some young people feel excitement during periods of transition, grief, disappointment and fear are also common and can trigger deeper mental health needs. Dachele makes sure that the time you have in session allows you the safe space you need to balance being accountable with giving yourself the compassion that you deserve as you navigate challenging times. She also supports you with resources you can use between sessions, so that you can see results even when you’re apart.

Born and raised in the Indianapolis area, Dachele has appreciated a multigenerational influence on her life, counting her grandmother as someone who has made a huge impact on who she is. Her career includes supporting students with behavioral challenges, working with college bound students and supporting individuals who are managing mental health concerns like anxiety and depression. Outside of the office, she likes to spend time with family and friends and travel to anywhere with a beach and an ocean.

Dachele is currently accepting clients from 13 years through adult for in person or virtual sessions. Please call our office at 317-471-8996 to schedule with her today.