Dr. Denise Hayes, PhD, HSPP

Are you struggling with transitions? Would you love a supportive person in your corner who can listen, help you explore your thoughts and identify strengths and opportunities? Dr. Denise Hayes is here for you.

Transitions can bring a variety of emotions. Joy. Excitement. Fear. Grief. These are all a normal part of the process, but at times these emotions can feel very overwhelming. By helping you clear out the mental clutter, Dr. Hayes works with you so you are secure in your identity by combining traditional talk therapy with a variety of techniques to help you feel peace and confidence.

As a psychologist Dr. Hayes has spent much of her career supporting people as they navigate the transitions of college life. The stresses of personal relationships and family dynamics can be complicated by emotional distress and exposure to trauma. Having a counselor you feel comfortable with is critical as you work to achieve your personal goals and Dr. Hayes respects your individual needs.

Dr. Hayes was born and raised in the Indianapolis area and has worked with nonprofits and educational institutions throughout her career. She found her career path early, when she realized that she wanted to bring mental health and wellness to the Black community while she was in middle school. She has done more than her fair share to further that goal, by holding positions in education and professional leadership. She is passionate about social justice and loves her houseplants and old school R&B.

Dr. Hayes is currently accepting new adult clients for in person or virtual sessions. Please call our office at 317-471-8996 to schedule with her today.