Adriaka “Tina” Jackson, LMHC

“Together, we will do the work to help you achieve a healthy life balance.”

If you have been looking for someone to help you truly reach your full potential AND enjoy your life, Tina is here for you.

The demands of work and family obligations make it easy for you to lose yourself in meeting everyone else’s expectations, which can leave you with a full plate but feeling unfulfilled. Tina understands these competing priorities and uses her time with you to help you design a life you can enjoy living.

Born in Little Rock, AR, Tina grew up with aspirations of becoming a pediatrician. However, life took an unexpected turn, as she navigated having a family member with mental health challenges, which led her to another helping profession, counseling.

Tina credits her family background as being instrumental in shaping her values and goals. She gives special credit to her grandmother who prioritized higher education, entrepreneurship, and giving back to the community from an early age. She continues to honor these roots in her work with various underserved populations today.

Tina practices what she preaches in her personal life, making sure that she enjoys a life that includes serving her clients and a variety of hobbies as well. You can often find her watching cooking shows and spending quality time with family, including her blue Pitbull, Duke. But exploration is also high on her priority list, with travel to Belize and Costa Rica topping her list of locations she has enjoyed visiting.

Tina finds immense satisfaction in helping clients discover their strengths and achieve personal growth. She believes that when you’re passionate about what you do, work becomes a fulfilling and rewarding journey. If you are feeling lost in the process, she is ready to help.

Tina is currently accepting new adult clients for virtual sessions. She will be in network with several insurance companies soon. Please call 317-471-8996 to schedule with her or email for more information.