Brittany Baker, MS, LMHCA

Have you felt like there has to be more to life? Would having a supportive guide to help connect the dots in your previous struggles while looking for solutions help you get to the next level in your personal or professional life? You’ve come to the right place, because Brittany understands.

For many of us, dreaming about what we’ll be when we grow up is a common pass time. But when you become an adult and realize that you are overwhelmed by navigating complex demands in your personal and professional lives, it’s normal to feel a full range of emotions. Fear. Grief. Disappointment. Uncertainty. During these times, having someone who can listen to your needs and be a sounding board can help make the stress more manageable. Brittany prides herself on being able to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be.

Brittany hasn’t wasted any time fully investing herself in both the clinical and social aspects of the counseling world. She is a member of multiple professional organizations and has contributed to the creation of mental health promotional tools specifically for underrepresented communities. Brittany has a special passion for working with adult clients who show signs of ADHD and she uses a variety of tools to help support your social emotional growth.

Brittany was born in the small town community of Jeffersonville, Indiana, just outside of the Louisville, Kentucky area. She values her personal time and self-care practices which include writing, dancing, singing and drawing. Brittany is goal directed and ready to cheer you on to achieve your goals as well.

Brittany is currently accepting new adult clients for virtual sessions. Please call our office at 317-471-8996 to schedule with her today.