What you WON’T do for LOVE: The Non-Negotiables of relationships!

Yameen Chestnut
Yameen Chestnut, MA, NCC
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In every relationship there are negotiating points: give and take, push and pull; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. It’s a simple “dance”, if you will, of trading for your wants and needs, and compromising. One gives what they don’t mind giving in order to get what they individually want and need. This “dance” has a point of demarcation, an ending point in which fairness, rules, and anything less than equal gets snuffed out by the unfulfilled partner. Let’s be frank, a person can only put up with so much before they “break”! In other words, there is a point in negotiating where no matter what is being requested, a compromise is utterly unattainable.

Question of the day: When you think of some things that you simply won’t put up with, simply won’t negotiate on, or better yet must have, what comes to mind? What are some of your “must-haves” and non-negotiables? In past relationships, what would you not negotiate on and what were some things that you had to have in order to remain a “happy camper”?

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