Cameron Jones, MA

You're the man. 

You've got a family counting on you, and personal goals, but sometimes it feels too heavy. When life stresses, emotional baggage, or unhelpful thoughts weigh you down, who do you talk to? 

Do you have a desire to be more and have a greater impact in life, but just feel like you could use a little help? 

Your desire for more for you and your family is possible and helping you reach your goals is my mission. As your coach, I bring a unique blend of faith-based principles and mental health expertise to the work that I do, so that you can bring your full self into our sessions together.

I specialize in providing compassionate support and guidance to individuals facing mental health, and personal and professional challenges. Through techniques such as reframing negative experiences and challenging negative beliefs, I empower my clients to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting transformation.

If you ever feel torn between all the roles that you have to navigate, let me help. I've always been passionate about seeing the best in others and helping them unlock their full potential. Take the first step toward the future of your dreams.