3 Steps to Taking Care of Yourself Emotionally Introduction

If you followed me on Twitter last week (@thewelltoday) you saw a week’s worth of tweets about “Yourself”.  Some of the topics included “Be kind to yourself”, “Enjoy yourself”,  and “Fulfill yourself”.  I thought it would be a great idea if we picked up on that thought so follow my blog this week and read more about how you can take good care of yourself, emotionally.

If you’ve ever been on a plane you’ve heard the flight attendants say in the case of an emergency you have to put your oxygen mask on before helping your neighbor.  If you try to help your neighbor without helping yourself you both might die because neither of you will have oxygen. Many of us will say “no big deal, I’ll get to myself.  I can take it”.  Others of us will say, “Thinking of me first is selfish”.  I must say I would have to disagree with that.  What about self-care?  Isn’t it important to take care of yourself?  You are with your “self” always.  Your habits, thoughts, beliefs, history, mind, and body make up that self and they are with you always.  It’s important to take care of you too.  Let’s talk about some things you can do now to take better care of yourself.  A better you makes it easier to be a better neighbor.  Consider that the next time you plan on putting yourself last.   Tomorrow I’ll be writing about  step 1, why it’s important to be kind to yourself.  Tune in.