Are You Coachable?

Yameen Chestnut
Yameen Chestnut, MA
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Are you “COACHABLE” within your relationship?
Okay, so considering the upcoming NFL Super Bowl featuring two talented teams being led by two phenomenal quarterbacks, I thought it timely to reflect on the concept of being coachable within relationships. What exactly is “coachable”? Well, in terms of sports, it’s generally related to how well the athlete can listen to the coach’s instructions, absorb the concept, practice the skills and apply them in a game or competitive situation to achieve a score or defeat one’s opponent.
In terms of relationships, let’s apply the very same concept. The communication and exchanges between two partners can be thought of as plays. Within that communication exists prompts, cues and signals; some overt while much is often covert. The ability to decipher, categorize and translate those exchanges can make or break a relationship. Just as in sports, how able are you to recognize what your partner is communicating on the field? How much time have you taken to reflect on areas where you are likely miscommunicating, or as I like to think of it, studying “game tape?”
In order to defeat the foes of judgment, defensiveness and criticism, one must be flexible and open to improvement and the realization that quite often, what you see or hear from your significant other isn’t necessarily so. As I ponder what makes someone coachable, I can’t help but to think of that athlete that is humble, hardworking, sacrificial and selfless in their attitude, traits that we all could show a little more of. Habits that if practiced with each other on a regular basis, could easily turn us into the Super Bowl contenders we were made to be.

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