3 Steps to Taking Care of Yourself Emotionally Part 2

Enjoy yourself. Do you think you're too busy to find time to do things you enjoy?  Is life moving so quickly you are just going through the motions?Maybe you are running children back and forth between activities or taking care of elderly parents. Maybe you''ve gone back to school and homework is time consuming.  If this sounds like you read on.

It's easy to forget what brings you pleasure.  Can you take 30 minutes this week and do something that gives you joy?  If you have been putting yourself last it might be time to learn how to reconnect with activities that replenish you.  C’mon you’ve got 30 minutes. Have you taken time to read a chapter in a book you’ve been meaning to get to?  What about working a crossword puzzle?  Maybe it’s listening to some smooth jazz while drinking a cup of coffee.  Perhaps it’s taking a walk on a sunny day.  Whatever it is consider making a list of those things you used to like to do and plan to work your way through the list.  You can put one thing on your calendar per week to get started. Make that list.  Start today.